Kim Meets Roh: Doesn’t Say Much But Loves the DVDs

In am embarrassment of riches, I now am getting two copies of my beloved WSJ delivered, so more chances to read fascinating stuff. Evan Ramstad and SungHa Park reported today about a rare meeting between the leaders of North and South Korea.

There were some tidbits worthy of note: Mr Roh presented Kim with a DVD Collection of South Korean movies and TV shows. Possession of these items by ordinary North Koreans is a crime.

The two leaders during their time in Pyongyang traveled around in different types of cars: Kim in vintage Mercedes, and Roh in large, new Ford SUVs.

At one point Kim suggested that Roh delay his return to Seoul by a day so they could talk more. When Roh told Kim he had to run it by his aides, Kim replied, “The president can’t make a decision?”

The South Koreans brought all their own food, computers, office equipment and even vehicle fuel for their trip up north, taking care of their 300-person delegation. Roh said he felt ‘an uneasy wall’ while talking to Kim. He spent just four hours of the 2-day summit with the elusive dear leader, and said he didn’t expect to accomplish much during the meetings.