I’m Not Yet Fifty, Despite What My Friends Say

Today is my birthday–I am not yet fifty. Most people I know have already hit this milestone, and I laugh because people in the past few days keep asking me how old I am gonna be, then commenting that “I’m not even fifty yet.” Well as my sweetheart likes to remind me, I’ll be entering my fiftieth year in 2008. Oh well.

How am I celebrating? I am attending a Safe-serv class with four employees of mine at GCC. It’s a mandated course that people who own cafes and restaurants have to take, to make sure that we don’t poison our customers with germs. So after a few of these classes, we will all take tests and then we’ll be officially ready to ‘serv safe.’

I noticed something this year, though, a little bit ominous. Every year that I can remember, my birthday has been a time of year when I’d need to put on a jacket. But this year, here we are with the air conditioners blowing full blast in the cafe and I am sweating with a lightweight shirt. It hasn’t even frosted yet. No way this is normal. October 22 is always a little chilly.