Google Phone Will Make Calls Free

Watch Out! Now even telcos have to fear Google. They’re getting into the phone business. A Google phone may just not cost anything–since the company’s method involves monetizing the screen on the handset with advertising, just like they do with search results. Free phones!

They’ve been talking to LG and HTC about making the phones. Somehow I think that they are going to be cooler than iphones. Just simple. Maybe a rotary version as a conversation piece.
I think often about how one’s telephone handset is such an appendage, such a part of you. It’s because everybody is connected via that sleek piece of telephone equipment in your hand.

I would like to publish GoNOMAD to be viewed on a phone screen. Perhaps you could dial up the story right when you got to your destination, to give you ideas and places to go and see.
Mixing the ability to get the info on the road, plus the format of an easy to read little screen, maybe tied with the navigation by GPS to provide you with perfect directions.

This all might have something to do with a story that I wrote about a year ago–that army of mobile tractor-trailer server farms that they can move into anywhere in the US and set up a command center for the web. A new cellular network is being built to accommodate many many more channels and Google is bidding on obtaining licenses to use this spectrum.