Roast Chicken for a Day at the Beach in Elba

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For a day at the beach, we needed sustenance and for this we turned to this man in a truck who offered rotisserie chickens and fried potatoes in Marciana Marina, on the island of Elba.

We drove to the far south and enjoyed a classic beach day, sharing our delicious chicken with bees who tried to land on the food. The scene was serene with blue skies and perfect temps.

I swam out and floated in the Mediterranean, and thought of how much I love this island where there are no high-rise hotels, no congestion and surprisingly, no construction cranes looming overhead. That’s because it is ninety percent national park, protected forever from development. So all you see are quaint little medieval towns, rocky and stony beaches, and sweeping views of the blue Med as far as you can see.