‘Don’t Tase Me Bro’ Guy Loves Controversy

Popping around the ‘net on Monday night, I met the tasered guy named Andrew Meyer. He was questioning the very boring Sen. John Kerry at a Florida speech and they asked him to leave. He refused and was famously tasered, and of course the videotape is on YouTUbe with the priceless quote. For the remixed video visit YouTube.

“Don’t Tase me Bro!” Owwwwwchhhh. Scream! Scream!

I read about Meyer and his propensity for irritating and annoying that goes back a long way. In the Alligator newspaper in Florida, he is quoted in a column as saying “I absolutely love the thought that some nonsense I wrote irritated poeple enough to take time out of their day to let everyone know how much they disliked what I wrote.”

“It’s unfortunate it came down to that,” she said. “But UPD didn’t know what his intentions were. They were just trying to protect Sen. Kerry and the crowd.” Meyer’s friend, Ricky Cuellar, doesn’t think his buddy is too over the top.

Cuellar, an events management junior, thinks that Meyer, or The Andrew Meyer as he calls himself online, simply wanted to ask Kerry some tough questions.”That’s just how he is,” Cuellar said. “He’s really into asking the difficult questions, and he loves conspiracies.”

Cuellar called UPD’s tactics “a little more than ridiculous…It made me think of when someone speaks out at an assembly in high school,” he said. “They would get sent to the principal and get a referral. But he got tackled by six officers and Tasered.”

Meyer, who celebrated his 21st birthday Sept. 15, runs a Web site — www.theandrewmeyer.com — where he airs his views on music, movies and politics. The site has had more than 45,000 hits since the arrest.