South Beach Is Further from the Airport by Bus

We are in South Beach, Miami, at Jerry’s Famous Deli. I was happy to find a WiFi signal and we have such a long layover, there was no way we were going to stay in the airport for five hours. But Paul the nervous nellie was right about one thing–taking a bus all the way to South Beach was more of an ordeal than we expected.

We caught the J Bus, and stopped at every bus stop we could find. More and more poor Miamians boarded the bus, some with laundry, some toting suitcases on wheels, muttering in Spanish. We met a compatriot named Calypso who works for American Airlines and also wanted to escape the airport, so we joined up with her and took a bus ride for 90 minutes…then a second bus to get to South Beach.

The heat here is stiffling….that famous Miami humidity mixed with such clear and blazing sun. Most of the people we watch pass by on the street are wearing bathing suits and cover-ups, and outside on the terrace a couple with a cute little girl making faces in the window.

We’ll leave in a bit….and wait in the airport for our 6pm flight to Medellin.