Does This Blazer Make Me Look Like I’m Worth $1000 an Hour?

The cafe is slowing down after a very busy Wednesday. Today I wore a blazer that I bought in Medellin. It’s funny how such a garment elicits so many comments. “All dressed up, eh?….Where Are You Going?….Is that New?
It’s my ‘get out of jail free’ blazer that seems to make me impervious to having my bags searched in airports. The guy at customs in Miami said he knew GoNOMAD, and waved me to the right, out of the airport.

Today I read in the WSJ about $1000 an hour lawyers. You might not have known but this is a big breakthrough. Before, Mssrs. Beattie, Susman and Civiletti could only get $995 or $950. But now, customers like Thomas Sager, general counsel at DuPont, will have to break a grand. “One thousand dollars may be someone’s choke point, but mine is actually a lot lower,” he said. He agreed to a monthly fee to avoid the per hour tab.

Stephen Susman, one of the guys whose charging this rate, said he went up to $1100 an hour to “discourage anyone from hiring me on that basis.” He prefers a contingency basis, which ultimately pays much more than even that.