Tucker Back from Another Ride

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Here is Tucker, my steed, with whom I’ve been learning to ride up in Bernardston. Today’s ride was the best yet…at one point we had to turn around, and as we turned onto Shedd Road, Tucker decided to make a break for it.
He jumped into a canter, and I hung on, but quickly raised the reins to slow the beast down. It was an andrenalin rush and made me feel good when I stopped this lurching Ferrari as he tried to speed off.
Then I went down to Stop and Shop and as I put my groceries in the back of the truck, a woman approached me. “Excuse me. Sir?” She explained that she had no gas and had just spent the balance of her money on a prescription at CVS. She was with another younger woman. She looked tired and hot. She explained they had been sitting there for more than an hour.
I approached her and gave her three bucks. Then they drove into a nearby gas station and I pulled away. Then I stopped and got out. I went over to the pump and put $15 in her tank. She said thanks. They would have not made it to Holyoke with the $2.00 of gas they put in.