A Clear Saturday at the Cafe

It’s a brisk and cool morning at the cafe. I am trying not to spend too much time here instead, I am going to the dump for the first time in my new dumpmobile, or truck, filled to the edges. I never imagined that so much of the work I have to do at the cafe involves recycling plastic and metal.
Piles and piles of recyclable stuff ends up in bags outside the cafe, and of course, it falls to me to remove them. ugh! But at least I have a truck to use instead of the back of my large luxury automobile.

The other day we got a fax at the cafe from a regular customer. She explained that the staff was courteous, and the sandwich delicious, but that they had forgotten to put the mozzarella and red peppers into her sandwich. All she wanted was another $1.00 off coupon. I wish she had just brought the defective sandwich back and we could have heaped it full of the missing items. Oh well.

Today Cindy and I are going shopping to find a rain slicker and a few other items one needs if one is going to be riding horses for a week. I am just now beginning to think of what it will be like out there. And I can’t wait til I get back and get back on Tucker…I might really be able to gallup after my ranch time!