Marketing Ideas that Dazzle are Par for the Course

Some times the people who work for you amaze you. Such a thing happened yesterday when our cafe manager Liz came up with a brilliant idea. She is going to shoot photos that we’ll enlarge into sepia-toned wall panels showing where we get our food from. I’ll pose with Nora’s chickens, I’ll pose with High Lawn’s cow next to me. We’ll have a shot of the Pierce Brothers roasting coffee, and the chocolatiers at Richardson’s making chocolate pretzels. Then the Teaguys packaging loose tea in Florence, and maybe our Pittsfield bagel bakers doing their thing.

Lizzie thought up the concept, I said yes, so she’s running with it, and I can’t wait to see the shots.

It’s all about local, buying local, being local, and sharing that as a marketing message. We think it matters…and so that’s the new campaign you’ll see rolled out this week with our newspaper ads. These are about the Pierce Bros.

It’s warm and sunny and there is a full house at the cafe. Boy we must be doing something right, because we’re packed and the summers a coming.