A Good Sunny Day for a Drive

Today’s a gorgeous day with the resulting smiles on all the faces of people I’ve seen. I took a road trip on a long and winding Route 9 all the way to North Brookfield. I passed sad little towns on the periphery of the world, towns like Ware and Brookfield that seem to just be so far away from every place I know. But the sun was out and I was en route to see my friend Anne Gillette at her restaurant equipment store.

I picked out a hefty new convection oven and a hearty new blender. I had been warned at how many blenders we’d blow through in the course of selling smoothies. So here’s to blender number five, that it may last the season!

Then I got a call from my old chum Peter Heller. Pete’s a raconteur and writer for National Geographic Adventure and Outside magazines. He said his new book about his time in Antarctica with the Sea Shepard Society, fighting Japanese whalers, will be published in September. The article in the magazine was first rate, he captured the tenseness of the fight and the passion of the opposing parties. We’ll publish an excerpt on GoNOMAD, and we will be building him a new author website too.