Awake at Three-three-three, Sweating the Details

Last night I tossed and turned, couldn’t sleep, I remember glancing at the clock and seeing all threes. I was awake worrying about the GoNOMAD Cafe’s party tonight. Who will show up? Will it be too crowded? Worst of all, will I go out and stock up a bar and nobody will be there to consume it?

I think having a party makes you vulnerable, because you’re asking people to show up–it’s risky, people don’t show up, and even those who say they’re coming, who dutifully RSVP, often blow it off at the very end.

Our cafe is tiny, so I worry that too many people might come. But when I get to thinking, I realize that a crowded party is good. That having no room is good. So I’ll either be happy with all of the space and just a few guests, or I’ll be packed in like sardines and people will be waiting to get in.

These are the things that kept me tossing and turning last night. And when I woke up and petted Mama cat, lying beside me, I thought about more details, and where the coats will go, and whether we really need to buy expensive Scotch, and whether….well the details are my problem, but I hope this party is a success!