Even Though People are Talkin’ The Cafe Grows On

Last night as I was playing with little Nathan, I flipped the TV to the Deerfield channel. This is where you see people having televised meetings to govern the town. Imagine my surprise that just as I tuned in, they were talking about the cafe.

Board member Steve, a familiar face from town, was talking about how “some people have mentioned this to me…I just wanna bring this up. How come when the bike shop was opened, that guy had to come before the board to get a zoning permit. But when that cafe, the GoNOMAD cafe opened, he just opened up with no permit…and that was once an accountant’s office, now it’s a restaurant. That’s a big change.”

Dick, the health inspector (and friendly GoNOMAD ally) replied that since we are located in the C1 district, no special permit was needed. “The bike shop is located in a zone where you do need a permit,” he told Steve. “I heard talk, that’s all, so I just wanted to clarify that. I guess it’s ok then for him to be in business there.”

Timing, huh? I turn on that channel and just at that instant they’re talking about ‘what people are saying about that cafe.’