Sore Feet are Proof of a Hard Day’s Work

Tonight as I sit here in my big chair my feet ache. I’ve been working very hard at the cafe all day, and we’ve got encouraging results to show for our labors.

This morning, as the wind whipped the snow around, I hired a young man from the neighborhood named Josh to help me move three big desks out of our cafe office into our new digs next door. It was hard to get them out the door, and since these are solidly built units, not the el-cheapo ones from Staples, they weigh a ton. We hauled the desks across the parking lot into our clean and more spacious new office. Wow! This place is gonna be great!

We’ve got three windows, a shiny newly refinished hardwood floor, room for four desks and heat that cranks. The office is right across the parking lot from the back door of the cafe, so we can easily pop over to the cafe for meetings.

Meanwhile, since we’ve moved all of the desks out, now we have begun our cafe renovation in earnest. Jim Taylor removed the wall tonight, and the new bakery case was delivered. So….now we just have to relocate the counter, put in a new tile floor and a hundred other things and, gasp, by Tuesday, we will again be ready for business. I’ll sleep well tonight, but tomorrow I’m back at it!