An Impressive Roster of GoNOMAD Blogs

I have enjoyed blogging immensely since I first began more than 1414 posts ago in November 2004. Kent quickly followed suit, after reading mine and seeing how much fun I was having, in January 2005, Be Our Guest joined the GoNOMAD blog team. Then about six months later, my associate editor and cousin, Stephen Hartshorne, jumped in. “I’m ready to blog,” he told me. And Armchair Travel was hatched, a stew of literature, history and dusty tomes from flea markets.

Later that year we awarded a $500 cash prize to Kelly Westhoff, who would travel around the world, stopping in Cabo Polonia in Uruguay to write about a desolate beach town for GoNOMAD. Her husband Quang joined her and they posted “Global Roam” from outposts all over the world, and continue now from Minneapolis.

We had been publishing articles about hiking in the Himalayas by Professor Mridula Dwivedi, from India,and she too was blogging, so we recruited her to our team. Her blog, Travel Tales from India, has the distinction of getting the most comments of all. It seems that Indian bloggers are voracious commenters, they comment then comment back, then pass the link and comment some more–we love it!

Our UMass interns always need interesting work to do, so we set up Travel Reader and this blog has been handled by five women over the years during their internships. Two of these TR alumni now blog for us from Japan, Emily and Sarah keep track of their daily lives teaching English by posting the Japan Nomads blog. Today Melissa and Marina are posting for TR.

I met Bill Karz in Malaysia and we talked about an LA blog. Now that he works for the tourism department, the blog has become a good way to post new events and attractions from the left coast. It’s called LA Nomad.

Finally, we have our newest blogger, Paul Shoul. Paul is our intrepid shooter, he travels everywhere with an enormous camera bag on a shoulder and always, always has his trusty Canon ready to capture a moment. His blog Round World Photo, debuted yesterday. To see all of the newest posts for our blogs, bookmark the GoNOMAD Blogs page.