The Joys of Christmas Lights on Little Ones

Last night after dinner Kate wanted to bring Nathan out to see the Christmas lights. He had been amazed upon seeing them from the backseat of the car, so we bundled him into the stroller and set off in the inky chilly blackness to find some more lights.

It is finally cold here, winter feels like it has finally come, no more 65 degrees I hope. We turned onto Cross Street and beheld a true spectacle of lights. One of our neighbors has set up a yard full of displays, all flood-lit and even cheesy music wafts out from the dark corners.

There are two Santas that slowly come up and then down again into inflated chimneys, there are glittering white lights on all the trees, there are twinking toy trains and twinkling Christmas gifts, it just went on and on. Nathan was astonished, pointing from his stroller “look,” “look,” in that way that only 1 year olds can be amazed.

We kept walking to look for more of these fascinating lights, that to us were crass and overdone, but to his little mind, brilliant, amazing and WOW! We went home and put another log on the fire, and basked in the warmth.