Flying to Sweden Tonight

Today I am up early thinking about what I need to do before we fly tonight. We are going to Sweden for a week’s trip, visiting the city of Goteborg on the Western coast. I have not thought that much about this destination, letting the place just sneak up on me, and now it is time to take the trip. SAS Airlines offers in-the-sky internet, for free since Boeing is cancelling the service as of Dec 31. They don’t charge but again, don’t guarantee that it works that well.

We have asked our Swedish hosts to introduce us to interesting people we can dine with to learn about Goteborg. So far they’ve set up a few techies, newspaper reporters and some artists. This is the best way to get a good story–ask the people who live there to tell you why they do.

Cindy is in charge of actually writing the story this time…I get to just take notes, snap photos, and keep my notebook full of business cards and menus and websites to add details to the story. We originally wanted to be gone for Christmas, but the flights didn’t work out, so we’ll return next Friday, but still miss a lot of parties and holiday things. We will be home for Christmas.

In the mean time I hope you’ll tune into this blog if you’d like to get a glimpse of what it’s like in Sweden in December 2006.