Time to Read Wired in the Graz Train Station

Sitting in an internet cafe at the Graz railway station. Now I know what is it like for our internet cafe customers who have to hurry and finish their email and their blogs. This is a little different because here the instructions are coming at me in German, as are the blogger titles, so I am a bit flumuxed.

I was up early after a terrible night sleep. The window was open and the sound of the rushing Mur outside sounded like the traffic on I-91, but it was strangely not as relaxing as you would think. Then when I made it here to the station to catch my 9:30 am train, it turns out it was actually an 8:30 train. That would not happen to Kent, I kept thinking…oh well. They do let you phone for free here so I left a message with my Kitzbuhel hosts that I would arrive two hours late.

Ahead is this classic ski town, too bad I am visiting when there is no snow. This town is famous as the bad ass skiing place, where the real daredevils ply the slopes. Teresa our guide told me about a race where the skiiers are just about vertical on the hill, schussing down in a blur.

For now, I am glad I have my new copy of Wired to read more about a closed loop ethanol plant in Nebraska where they use the methane from the cows to power the stills that make ethanol from corn. It is the first closed loop process and a very bright future for this alterative to gasoline.