The Rail Trail in the News: Beaver Bummer

As the rain pours down I am sitting in the cafe window seat, enjoying the tunes of James Hunter and reading Nick Grabbe’s story in the Daily Hampshire Gazette about the Norwottuck rail trail and beavers. These furry rodents are destroying the path, their dams are causing water to flood the pavement. This is an old story; back in 2005 the critters caused erosion along a section and today the problem is worse.

Some interesting facts about the trail: Congressman John Olver has secured funds to repave the length of the 8.5 mile path: It is pitted and almost unrideable in places because tree roots sprout up and cause annoying bumps. The most popular time on the trail is Saturdays from 3-4 pm.

An effort is underway to straighten out the path, at the point where it goes underneath busy Route 9. Cyclists have to carefully approach a tunnel and take a sharp turn; planners hope to straighten out the tunnel to avoid this blind spot.