Theater in So. Deerfield Makes a Fun Night Out

Last night we went out in South Deerfield. That’s kind of unusual, as there is not that much going on in our little burgh. But since I had bought an ad in the program, we decided to go and see the Uncommon Player’s production of ‘Losing Patients.’My daughter Kate and her husband Francisco joined us, after we made a feast of grilled salmon, local veggies, and corn on the cob.

The play was funny; a slapstick comedy set in a nursing home. Characters yelled into phones, tackled each other onto couches, and dressed up in drag. It was fun to see the actors tumbling around on stage, at one point throwing a videocassette around and the lights going out with funny sound effects…there is really nothing as much fun as live theater, and this was a funny combination of antics and pratfalls.

As we drove home and passed the darkened GoNOMAD Cafe, Kate told me that my grandson Nathan points over there every time she drives by, he knows that’s where Grandpa goes and he likes it there.