One Day on the Turnpike Changed Everything

Reading Sheryl Hunter’s ‘Sounds Local’ column in the Recorder’s Arts and Entertainment magazine and came across a story about a band called The Kennedys.

At one time Pete Kennedy was a member of Nanci Griffith’s touring band, and Maura his wife was in a band called the Delta Rays; they lived in Austin. They toured and toured, and with Greenwich Village as their home base, they reached the 500,000 mile mark.

Then last year their van was struck by another vehicle on the NJ Turnpike. They spun around, flipped over, and miraculously, were not injured. But that day marked a turning point–they decided to move to Northampton, where they had friends and knew other musicians.

Today they live here but commute back to the city to record their weekly radio show called “Dharma Cafe” on Sirius. They play a gig at the Iron Horse on Sunday night.

“We’ve been on the road straight for the past 12 years now–we really don’t take time off,” said Maura…’wherever there is a gig we’ll go there. We love playing for people.”

Northampton has been a pleasant surprise, so rich with musical venues, bookstores and musicians. “I’ve been aware of Northampton and its coolness for a long time.” she added.