Howie: Guv’s Race Finally Heats Up

My favorite Boston Herald columnist Howie Carrr on a recent governor’s race debate from today’s paper.

“Under attack from Mad Dog Reilly, [Chris] Gabrieli pulled the political equivalent of going into the fetal position. He started talking about his family. Deval whined about “getting back to the issues.” And then he started beginning every other sentence with “Frankly,” a sure sign that you’ve got a bone in your throat.

Frankly, I don’t think either Deval or Gabrieli knew what hit them. Frankly, they were rotten. Did last night change the minds of any of Deval’s moonbats? Probably not. He’s still ahead, I suppose. They all love him as much as they hate George Bush. But if I’m Chris Gabrieli, I think I have some bad news for Hilary and the kids this morning.  You know that $100,000 a day I’ve been spending on TV? It’s going up.

But even during the Shaheen snorefest, Reilly kept slugging. Gabrieli was going on and on about Harvard, and finally Reilly, who by this point totally owns him, says:  “It can’t all be about Harvard, OK?”

Deval goes in about how frankly, he gets people together, frankly, and Reilly cuts him a new one: “He sounds like Mitt Romney. We tried that, OK?”

What the heck happened to the bubbling Mr. Magoo of yore? The guy whose investigations always end not with a bang, but a whimper?  Then Reilly was lowering the boom on Deval, mentioning first his own tax problems and then his third mega-payday, at Ameriquest.

Every AG in this country went after Ameriquest,” Reilly said, “the largest, most predatory lending company in the history of this country.” Frankly, Deval looked like he wanted to check out before checking in.

If Reilly had gotten into the crank earlier this year, he might not be on the ropes now. Hell, who knows, he might even own his own house”