New Ideas for Classes at the Cafe

Interesting people come into the cafe quite often. That’s one of things I like best about this business, the people who pop in for coffee and ask for the owner. Julie Paquette is a pretty woman with long blond hair who is sharp…she works for many clients using Quickbooks software. She wanted to teach a QB class at the cafe. I think that’s a great idea, as long as we can get students in the seats. I like too that she’s back a second time. She came in once before a few months back and I wasn’t sure I was interested. But when people persist, and come back again, I usually listen more attentively. I respond well to people who persist, I’ve decided.

So we’ll see what our customers say about this new idea, offering a beginners and an advanced class in Quickbooks for business owners. We email all of our customers who have our Coffee Lover’s Cards, so we can tell all of our regulars what’s new using this method. I hope that we get a good response, I’d like to offer this class here.

Tomorrow it’s touch typing here, we have a full class for this. It will take about five classes for our hunt-and-pecks to become typists. But in the long run, they’ll all be happy not have to stare at the keyboard when they use the computer.