Boise, Idaho is Paul’s Next Destination

Ron Gardner, of Boise Idaho, has one of those radio voices. The kind that just booms out at you, solid, unwavering. He was full of enthusiasm last week talking about a visit to Boise. .I had called him after seeing a story in the recent National Geographic Adventure magazine, and thought it would make a great feature for us.

With Ron’s kind assistance Paul Shoul is going out to an onion and potato festival in September, courtesy of the onion growers board, and shall also spend some time in Boise to do a GoNOMAD story. We like his new idea: 24 hours in the life of Boise. He’ll start really early with a farmer in a field, and hit the internet cafes, breakfast joints, and other city highlights for an entire day across the city.

We’re also adding another blog to our GoNOMAD blog network. LA Nomad will focus on travel and writing and left coast matters. It will be written by Bill Karz, who is also a contributing editor at JaxFax the magazine for travel agents. I met Bill in Malaysia and he’s already written a story for GoNOMAD..about his trip to Colombia. He’s a bright guy and energized about travel and writing. It should be a great addition to our other fine bloggers, Kent, Steve, Mridula, Sony and Kelly.