Meeting the President of Indonesia

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My Johnny Jet moment of the trip came when we were having dinner at the revolving restaurant atop the Kuala Lumpur Tower. Perched 450 feet above a rainforest, where monkeys live, this edifice is now the fourth tallest tower, and we enjoyed a Malaysian buffet with lovely fish and seafood dishes, piled high in typical all you can devour fashion. Seated just down a few tables was a large party including the President of Indonesia, Mrs Megawati. Our guide Julie said ‘go ahead, ask her if you have your photo taken with her’ and though I was a little embarrassed and worried that her security people would not like this American outreach, she did it for me. Here we are posing me and the President, she has the soft hands of someone who’s not had to do much heavy lifting, with her dad General Suharto as her credentials for president of the biggest country in this region.