Esselon is the New Cafe in Town. Hadley, that Is

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I stopped by this new cafe in Hadley today. It’s called Esselon Cafe and Kitchen. What a beautiful garden they have! It’s blocked by tall conical pine trees, and they have adirondack chairs, stone tables, and a porch that seems like it belongs in a rich person’s house. Very comfy. The coffee, however was not stellar. It is made in these big black boxes, and heated throughout the day, and tasted burned. They also don’t have a real ‘small’ size–it’s 12 oz. and costs $1.50! They roast their own coffee right in the back, like they once did at Javahut cafe in Sunderland.

I think they will be successful, despite the burned coffee, because it’s one of the nicest locations I’ve ever seen for yet another addition to the Valley’s cafe culture.