Where Do the Celebs Go: Find them on Stalker

Gawker is the biggest of all blogs. Some of their sticky features explain why. I was just browsing on their Gawker Stalker page. There every day, they chronicle where readers have run into stars. All of the stars you’d think they would log the comings and goings of, from Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu with a group of 7 others (looked like tourists) standing in line at Magnolia Bakery. She bought the group their cupcakes then suggested they eat them in cupcake park. Exquisite skin, not as skinny as you’d expect.

to Anderson Cooper, of CNN.

Last night at Whole Foods at Columbus Circle. Made eye contact so I know it was him. His suit was a navy blue with a subtle pinstripe but he is much shorter and slimmer than I would have thought. What a striking man!

They’re all there. Walking around Manhattan. Sitting talking on a cellphone in the Village. Sitting two rows in front of someone at a theater.

Each celebrity is logged on a map of Manhattan.

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