Ms. Mudflap Meets Yosemite Sam, Drives into the Sunset

Home at lunchtime baking lemon poppy and pumpkin bread, I usually turn on the television down in the basement. Today it was Modern Marvels…about UFOs. But what got my attention was this clever ad for the new Honda Ridgeline truck. Therein, the silver girl on the mudflaps slinks her way into the cab and there, waiting for her, is “back off” the image of the cartoon character Yosemite Sam, and they drive off. Charming bit of marketing.

I am very pumped up about our own clever marketing effort. Today 2800 envelopes were dropped off at the South Deerfield Post office, our first town-wide coupon mailing, with 16 local restaurant and store coupons inside. I personally met and sold each one of them, and believe that making this extra effort to promote all of the town, not just our advertisers, will help put the GoNOMAD CAFE on the map. Well at least bring the townsfolk in to become regulars.

Things are whizzing along….doing a Chamber of Commerce seminar on search engines for local businesses…working on our inflight magazine project, and continuing to reserve airport parking. Our businesses are making their marks!