For Jeff Taylor, There is No Time to Putter

Jeff Taylor made a fortune by founding Now he’s got a new venture called Eons, for which he has raised $10 million. But nobody yet knows what the company will offer its target audience—people over age 50. Haiwatha Bray writes in today’s Boston Globe.

“A Pew survey finds that 83 percent of Americans between ages 30 and 49 use the Internet, nearly mirroring the rate found among those in their teens and 20s. For people between 50 and 64, the number edges down to 71 percent. As this group gets older, they’ll push up the rate of Internet use among older seniors, bringing it into line with that of younger people.

But experts say there’s a shortage of Internet resources tailored to the needs and interests of older people. Fox noted that many sites ignore the physical problems of older users — using small type that they may find difficult to read, for example. ”We’re dealing with people who are very Internet-savvy but are losing their vision,” said Fox. ”In five years, we’re going to have an even bigger group in that demographic.”

In addition, seniors need more sites that feature information of importance to them. ”This fairly well-to-do, post-World War II generation seems to be just starving for information and resources on how to maximize their health and their wealth,” said Tom Perls, associate professor at the Boston University School of Medicine.

Perls noted that baby boomers are likely to live longer than earlier generations. Taylor is keeping mum on exactly what services Eons will offer. But he was clear on the company’s goal — helping people live useful and pleasant lives no matter their age.

Taylor scoffed at the traditional image of the retiree aimlessly puttering around the house until he dies. ”I hate this whole puttering thing,” he said. ”I have way bigger plans for my life, and so does this whole generation.”