Chip Tells it Like it is–The Sox are Greedy

Chip Ainsworth wrote for the Valley Advocate back in the ’80s, when I worked there in paste-up. He covered sports, and now he’s made a comeback of sorts; every Saturday his column runs in the Recorder. He is a talented wordsmith, I loved this opener about the Red Sox this morning:

“It wouldn’t be the worst thing if the Red Sox took a nosedive into the netherworld of mediocrity this season. Look at it this way, a flop would flush out fair weather fans and stabilize soaring ticket prices, but a winning season would keep the Lords of Landsdowne Street spitting in your ear and telling you it’s raining.

Don’t believe it? According to the Team Marketing Report, it will cost more to attend a game at Fenway Park this season than at any other ballpark, and the bottom line isn’t even close. The average ticket price at Fenway is $46.46 for seats about the size of your mother’s highchair. Factor in parking and concessions and the cost for a family of four to be at the old ballgame soars to $287.84 compared to the league average of $22.21 and $171.89 respectively.