Scary, Exhilarating, Fun and Intense–The Cafe

Wow. That is what it is like to own a cafe. Wow, I can’t believe all of the details that go into this. Wow, people really like the place, they come in with smiles on their faces and say “this is a really nice cafe.”

I have never worked this hard nor felt this level of adreneline, just sitting at the register ringing in orders, and chatting up the customers, trying not to be nervous as I make my first soy latte, it all is fun, and tense, yet strangely satisfying.

I told some customers how different it is to have a cafe, where people come in and sit, and to serve coffee and pastries…that is so different from our regular business, the GoNOMAD website. The web business is removed, it is mostly emails and contacts with people far far away, none of them are people I’d meet. But this, this is about the community, and the people who come here mostly all live right around the neighborhood.

It’s fun, it’s exhilarating, it’s scary as hell. But it’s mine.