Our Outdoor Cafe: What I’ve Always Hoped For

Random musings: Woke up early today, again, and padded downstairs to bake the quickbreads for the cafe. It feels great to offer banana bread and other homemade treats at the GoNOMAD Cafe. Since I arrive there at about 7 and stay until at least 7, I am pretty much working all of the time. But I stil hold to my original thesis: I don’t really work, I do what I love and it all makes money for me. But the contrast between working for myself and working for ‘da man’ is striking…I’m much more generous with me.

Today is a big day–our freezer arrives, a chest unit, and then the truck comes with the bagels. We’ll have four kinds of bagels and nobody else in town has them. Things have been busier at the cafe, more people coming in, more regulars coming back, and a sense is that this place is gonna be hopping when spring fully rolls in. Our wonderful neighbors, Georgio’s, are letting us put our tables outside their door.

So we will have three or four tables, umbrellas, and the cafe scene will blossum in downtown South Deerfield when the weather breaks.