Mitt Ducks and Weaves to Avoid the Press

Brian McGrory wrote about the Mittster in the Boston Globe, and got it spot on.

There is something he couldn’t put his finger on about Governor Romney, and it hit him when he went to a speech before a chamber of commerce group. There, the governor looked at his watch and declared, “it’s nine o’clock.” Clearly, he was telling the 300 or so people gathered that it was time for them to get on with their day. He realized this guy is a classic control freak. But politicians, says McGrory, don’t tell people what time it is. They have an aide whisper in their ear and they regretfully, graciously, shake one last hand, then leave. Not Mitt.

Mitt flees the reporters, ducks into side doors, tries to evade the questions and seems ‘consumed with the panic that he will say the wrong thing.’ Perhaps he fears the same fate as Geo Romney Sr, who tried and failed to run for President.

McGrory’s advice for Mitt: “The voters don’t want the kind of prim, prompt, and programmed politico that he strives to be. They don’t want candidates always searching out the door, glancing at their watch, staring blankly at poeple as they shake their hands….they want candidates who linger rather than lurch. In other words, Mitt, relax. The biggest thing you have to fear is victory, unlikely at best.”