Max’s Bagel Sales Redux

Random musings on this cold March morning the second day of spring: Things in the cafe are looking up! We had our best day ever on Monday, and did it with our homemade banana breads and other goodies. We didn’t buy any pastries that we’d have to throw away, we sold lots of coffee and some internet time…and that was good.

I also made a big decision, in a giant loop: When I was in prep school, I was known for selling bagels late at night out of my dorm room. Max’s Bagel Sales was the place you’d go about midnight when you had to have a snack. Voila, fast forward to 2006. I am going to start selling bagels at our cafe! We will bake them off, so they’ll come our of the oven ready to go. And we’ll have these teeny cream cheese packs you can slather on them. We’re now shopping for a used freezer.

The other interesting development came from Beirut. We are in discussions to provide travel content to a new middle east airline inflight magazine, and if we get the contract, I’ll have a new title — Editor! Funny, as doors close shut and fear sets in, after you shake it off, at 5 am, you wake up to new opportunities. Here is one coming right at us, we’re going to grab it!