Forest Saved; Good News from the South

A day of running around meeting with bookkeepers and signmakers…and when I got a moment, I sat in the window of the cafe and read the Republican. Buried deep way way back, in the sports section, was this important news for the environment.

Two conservation groups will buy 218,000 acres of forest from International Paper, in a $300 million deal. “The forests of the south are among the richest in terms of total number of species of any habitats in the world,” said Steve McCormack, Pres of the Nature Conservancy. The agreement allows five more years of logging, on 3/4 of the land, but after that no more cutting.The group also has committed to buying 173,000 more acres in NC, VA, GA, FL, AL AR,TN, LA and MS.

These dry little items are what adds up to the good news coming from the environmental movement. We need to keep doing this to keep things in the right balance.