American Inventors Fighting for their Dreams

Television has gotten much better in the 00s. Take tonight’s offering, American Inventor. They wrest that same level of pathos out of winning, acceptance and the joy of being picked that American Idol does. But these are inventors, each with their own idea that they fervently believe will change the world. There are four judges here: The Englishman, in the suit, The short bald grumpy guy, The wide-eyed childless woman, and the slick ad agency type who more often than the others says yes. The bald guy is the Simon, the hard-to-sell type. He was enraged with the childless woman when she rejected an invention he thought would be a hit. It was a DVD showing kids what is right and wrong.

Another invention the judges quarelled over was the “Tizzy Tube,” one woman’s idea of what to do with your kid if, or when, they throw a fit. Throw them into this constricting tube, that they can’t get out of, and let them bounce off the walls. The inventor was tearful, saying they didn’t understand her invention. The judges were aghast, saying it was ‘disggusting, gross, get it out of here.’

The sheer and utter joy as the contestants return offstage, with a yes, their joy is palatable and emotional. It wrings it out, misting me up.