Trainin’ Down to DC

It’s been quite a while since I rode Amtrak, but it has been a pleasant surprise this afternoon as I glided through Connecticut en route to Washington. At New Haven’s Union Station, the curvy wood bences with round tops harkened back to the good old days of train travel. I was surprised at how many people emerged from the tunnel and how full the car was as we added more people at each stop.

The conductors so far have all been women, that surprised me, as did the pleasant surprise when I looked down to see an electric plug right by my tray table. And legroom! I am stretched out here, this makes the airplane look positively painful!

Later tonight I’ll amble up to the cafe car and purchase an adult beverage. I keep looking down and seeing Wireless connections, but as we fly by the green fades out to grey. Train travel so far is fun, I’ll report later on how I feel after I’ve finished about 12 hours of this late Friday night.

We arrived at Union Station in DC, an impressive edifice of towering arches and glitzy shopping arcades. Very European. You can tell that this is the HQ of bankrupt Amtrak, where they make it all look great since Congress funds this enterprise every year, might as well wow ’em here in the Capital.