The Nightmare Comes When you Try to Get Off

Reading the news today about the World’s largest Cruise liner, Royal Caribbean’s new Project Genesis, which will come out of drydock at 1,181 feet, and 100,000 tons. (Aircraft carriers weigh in at only 97,000).

At the end of the story, a travel agent reveals that one of his customer’s biggest complaints is the long lines on and off the ship, and the problem of disembarking on small islands with so many other people. It’s the same argument many make against the ultra-sized passenger jets by Airbus…having 550 people all go through customs, retrieve luggage, and try to get food and drinks is pretty difficult.

The New Jumbo ships will have ice skating rinks, rock climbing walls and surfing pools. Better to just stay on board and forget trying to visit the islands in your port of call, since the little boats called tenders that ferry people back and forth hold only a few hundred at most.