The Four Horsemen Bring Back the Boom

Reading the February issue of Wired on this rainy night in Holyoke.Josh McHugh wrote a story about venture capitalist Allen Morgan who is taking a second look at the flame-outs of five years ago that may be viable today. He cites four factors to back up his claim, he calls them the Four Horsemen:

*Broadband access: Now that so many more people are on line all of the time and the experience is rich with music and video, we can actually do the things that five years ago were just dreams.

*Buying online is now widespread: By now most everyone has bought from Amazon or eBay, this means we’re used to the process and it is mainstream, not some odd thing as it once was.

*Web advertising has become a dominant force, thanks to Google and Yahoo’s contextual ads, placing the right ads on the right websites makes it pay. Back in 2000, nobody had a clue about net ads.

*Search technology has improved so much. Now you can find exactly what you are looking for, this wasn’t the case in 2000, it was hit or miss, and frustrating.