Paying More on Saturday and Less on Tuesday

We woke up to East coast like temps today, much to the horror of our B&B proprietor, Diana, here in Forestville CA. The newspaper we brought up the room included a story from the NY Times about how movie prices will soon follow the path of airline tickets, going up and down depending on the time and the movie.

It does make sense, if you go to the theater on a Tuesday night and are the only two people sitting watching “Glory Road,” that the tickets would cost less than the Saturday night date movie packed to the rafters. But movie theaters are feeling the pinch of too much eyeball competition. Their income has fallen 20% in the past three years.

Soon you will be able to pay more for a center seat, buy a reserved seat on line, and pay more for a hit movie than for a bomb. Some people question how you determine which movies will cost more and which will be bargain basement. But, as David Leonhardt writes, in art galleries each painting has its own different price tag.