Learning About the Presidents

Last night we had take-out from Boston Market. We still call it Boston Chicken, my kids ask me why, I tell them that “back it the day,” it was called that. Television brought forth “Presidents,” a look back at the first few dudes who held the highest office, in the ‘President’s Mansion,’ that was completed one year after Pres. Numero Uno died. Washington was a great gambler, he bet on everything.

Because of his enormous height, he was a great horseman. His favorite steed was a white horse named Nelson. And women queued up to dance with him at state dinners, which he very much enjoyed. George was the largest distiller of whisky in the U.S., brewing 11,000 gallons in one year.

Jefferson was very shy and hated the trappings of the office, he never had state dinners and sometimes answered the door to the White House himself. He had the biggest house in Virginia, yet still acted as if he were a man of the people.

John Adams didn’t get along with many people, and was tarred and feathered over the XYZ affair, one of the first times that foreign entanglements got a U.S. president in trouble.