Moved Up the Street to our New Location

Moving today was exhausting…even though the heavy lifting was mostly done by Lexington Group’s men. We are now officially working at our new office at 4A Sugarloaf St. right next to Georgio’s restaurant. The cafe will open in a few weeks and today we wrestled with the people from Verizon about how soon we can get our two DSL lines lit up.

Today my daughter Kate called to tell me that WFCR had broadcast the segment about the GoNOMAD Cafe and our wireless scheme. Good to get our brand out there in the morning hour at the station that everybody listens to. well almost.

Tomorrow I’ll go with Nick Seamon to Gillette’s in Worcester, that is where we can get our restaurant equipment and chairs. The new office isn’t huge but it is a big step up from our tiny digs at 14A. I envision moving again next year…but that’s a good thing!