Gillette’s in North Brookfield, for the Sink

Today we drove a country back road to North Brookfield to Gillette’s restaurant supply. Anne the owner met us and showed us what we needed, a three-bay sink, 15 chairs silicon valley looking maple, a huge undercounter fridge and other things for the cafe. Nick Seamon of the Black Sheep accompanied me.

He told me some interesting restaurant news from Northampton. The Silk Road Cafe is closing up on Main St. and the Moan and Dove is coming in to its place. There is also a new restaurant called ZEN opening up two doors up from Moan n’ Dove.

He is advising these guys and wanted to get his client that spot, too late! I am relying on his firm experience to get this cafe up and running with success from day one. Still looking for that perfect early morning employee to come join us in the cafe.