Getting into the Cafe Business

I’ve tried to avoid becoming overwhelmed by this big, long expensive process of creating the GoNOMAD Cafe. I’ve been warned not to get drawn too far away from my essential knitting, that is, our website and computer cleaning businesses. But the cafe business is tempting, and will bring us many more customers who need our computer repair services.

Nick Seamon is a friend who’s run the Black Sheep Deli in Amherst for more than 25
years.He knows all about how to succeed in the food business, and the key suppliers and tricks to doing this well. I’ve hired him as my consultant and guru, and he is preparing a plan for us to create our tiny kitchen, sell coffee, espresso, pastries and juice. I’ve also engaged my old reliable confidant, Joe O’Rourke to help me figure all of this out.

My hunch is that having 25-50 people a day surfing the ‘Net and checking email will lead to inquiries about repairs, upgrades and software. I am willing to invest in this plan because I believe it will succeed. Now I just need to find the right people to help make it happen, so I am watching my mailbox for ad replies.