The Most Intriguing People….and the Winner

Barbara Walters has transcended the role of television show host to that of an icon, a decider….now that she has retired, we only see her on special occasions, like last night. She presented the top ten most fascinating people….and made us wait until the very end to know that her MOST intriguing and interesting person was the wife of Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles.

She drove fast in a Mustang with Tom Cruise, (who refused to take back anything he said about Ritalin, and denied that Scientology demands women keep quiet during childbirth) and kicked it around with Kayne West. Singer West got into hot water when he said Bush didn’t care about the black hurricane victims, but like Cruise he was polite and erudite speaking to America’s Grand Dame. And didn’t deny anything.

But Bowles…is she the most intriguing person? Maybe she is because she and Charles loved one another way back before the glittering ill-fated wedding to Diana. But they both bided their time, and after decades, she now goes to America and scores our top prize. I mean Babs saying you’re number one…that’s an honor here.