The Flight to Quality–Trying to Escape Lousy DSL

Boy what a bad idea. I thought I’d save some money by switching my home internet to cheap Verizon DSL for $14.95. More than a few times I wondered if the $42.95 Comcast clipped me for each month was worth it…hey it’s all high speed, right? WRONG! Verizon suckers people in with this pathetic 758 mps speed ‘high speed’ internet that is terrible. I feel like I used to back five years ago when I first surfed the ‘Net on a dial-up.

I talked with Brian who works for a Wifi Equipment company on Long Island last week. He talked about the ‘Flight to Quality,’ meaning that people will pay more for better services, even when they begin at a low price. Well I’m dying to make that flight…and now Verizon’s number is eternally busy, and their website does not allow me to change the DSL to a faster speed on line.

After so many decades, I thought (briefly) that we might have left the dark ages of unreachable companies and unresponsive customer service call centers behind. But Verizon has got to be the worst example I’ve ever had to deal with.