Rap Money Isn’t Long…Just Ask MC Hammer

Snoop doggy Dogg’s younger brother is named Bing Worthington. He was in Boston yesterday, promoting the rap star’s latest offering, Snoop Dogg hot dogs.
Together, Chris Faraone writes in the Herald, their endeavors include Snoop Dogg Clothing, Cadillac Snoop DeVilles, Snoop Dogg skateboards and now, foot-long frankfurters

“Worthington earned the right to expand Snoop’s empire after proving himself to his brother. Even after Snoop went platinum with “Doggystyle” in 1993, Worthington insisted he buy his own car and pay his own dues. After what he describes as “a lot of falls,” Worthington finally learned to develop and carry out ideas that impress Big Snoop.

“Being a little brother I had to prove that I’m not just a little brother,” he said. “I had to get out there and hustle and bring Snoop the whole package wrapped up.”

High-profile contacts came in handy. For researching skateboards, Worthington went straight to Tony Hawk. For hot dogs, he linked with Platinum One’s Jeff Earp, the former owner of Joe & Nemo’s in Downtown Crossing.

Still, even with hot dogs, extreme sports and merchandising on the brain, Worthington makes time for the original family business. Along with partner-in-rhyme H.I.T., he’s a member of the hip-hop duo Lifestyle. Their debut album, “Lubrication,” drops in January, right around the time Snoop Doggs will arrive on grocery store shelves.

Like his big brother, Worthington pledges to leave no opportunities untapped.

“Snoop takes advantage of everything,” Bing said. “This rap money isn’t long. Just ask MC Hammer.”