Pure Poker, No Wildcards, With the Regulars

Today is a lovely day. A day to rake leaves, or walk in the woods. Or play poker with my pals. I’ve opted for the latter, so today I will join Donny, Dave C, cousin Steve, and Eddy V over at Steves for some good old fashioned seven card stud.

Nobody here tries to make us play silly games with wild cards, if you do that you’re given the hairy eyeball from the elders. No way, it’s straight up poker, and we all know each other well enough so that it’s harder than it used to be to bluff.

One thing I noticed since I began my two-drinks per week regimen, I’m better at poker. I don’t make as many dumb bets and I am slyer and it isn’t as obvious to tell what I’ve got in my hand. Poker is a pure diversion, and there’s nothing to match it, though bridge comes in very close. But try to find three other people who can play bridge, the only way you can is to do it online with strangers from China or Europe. No, today’s it’s pure poker, and I can’t wait.