Hot Older Gals for Fun

The Village Voice’s Lusty Lady with advice on older women and sex.

“For her, it’s still a meat market in some respects. “I can date younger or older men. It’s a question of do they want to date me? Men want younger, hot-looking women to boost their egos and impress their friends.” Some women have taken the same route and turned to virile younger men. There’s even a website for such couples,, a “community for age gap relationship support.”

These authors have shown me life doesn’t necessarily begin at 40 but can be just as passionate, fulfilling, and yes, infuriating. Unlike Maureen Dowd, who’s trying to figure out why men might be scared away, they’ve seen the thrill of being true to themselves, and it’s a guy’s loss if he lets a woman’s age deter him.

Austin’s advice? “I no longer care about being embarrassed; I only care about not being bored. Enjoy every minute of every day, and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. Women, and a fair number of men, will envy you and want to be with you, just to figure out how you do it.”