Goodbye to Britain’s Fabled "Lock In"

It’s a tradition that had been enjoyed by generations of drinkers, with even the likes of Prince Harry enjoying a few covert pints. The BBC reported today on the new effect of longer legal hours at pubs, and the fading away of the “lock in” a British pub tradition.

While publicans risked losing their licence by allowing them, police often turned a blind eye if things were kept low key.

They did crackdown when things started to get out of hand, with police recently finding 140 patrons enjoying an illegal after-hours drink in one County Londonderry pub they visited.

Friends may have foreseen the end when the government announced back in 2000 that it was considering the biggest overhaul of drinking laws for 90 years.

Licensing laws in England and Wales had changed little since 1915, when they were tightened to stop factory workers turning up drunk and harming the war effort.

While some said the shake-up was long overdue, lock-in regulars knew time would be called on their exclusive after-hours drinking club.

No flowers.